Welcome to my website! I’m passionate about the role of self-care in achieving optimal wellness. I chose Poora ka Poora to name my company and my brand because it means “whole” (in Hindi). When body, mind and spirit are in balance, we experience wellness at every level; we are whole.

I developed Poora ka Poora as a family wellness brand predicated on the wisdom and purity of nature in all its forms. The closer we remain to nature, the more joyful, peaceful and healthy we become, individually and collectively. I firmly believe that nature can teach us what we need to know to restore balance in our lives and I rely on that truth every day.

I met my husband, Vic, in a yoga class over fifteen years ago and our love of the practice continues to this day. After nearly twenty years in beautiful Montclair, New Jersey, we moved to Manasquan at the Jersey shore. This is our beach. We love it here… our experience in Manasquan fulfills our desire to be close to nature and to live simply. I’m reminded every day that life is a gift and blessings are everywhere.

I spent my career as a corporate legal professional and I am deeply grateful for that success. However, Poora ka Poora is the source of “flow” in my life. It is here that I experience true resonance, creative expression, authentic beauty and meaningful contribution. Poora ka Poora is an integral part of my own wellness path.

Thank you for visiting. I hope I can be of service on your wellness journey.

Peace to you and yours.

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